Five Trending Themes For Your 2016 Wedding

Are you tirelessly struggling to choose the perfect wedding theme for your special day? The sheer number of possibilities can be quite overwhelming at first. Try starting with this list of wedding themes that are trending in 2016.

1. The Drone WeddingThree tiered wedding cake with roses on table with vintage theme

There were a handful of drone weddings done in 2015 and some of them were so remarkable that they made their way onto the evening news. You might not get a spot on prime-time television, but it’s still a unique way to capture your wedding. You can be sure that your grandparents didn’t have their wedding photographed by a drone.

The drone allows you to photograph and record the wedding from some unusual angles and heights. Of course, you’ll need to have an outdoor wedding to take full advantage of this technology. This is no reason to fire the videographer, but just a way to get some one-of-a-kind shots added to the mix.

2. The Return Of Vintage

Vintage-based themes come and go with the years. It is definitely in for the year of 2016. It’s safe to round up those old antiques you have been storing and use them to add some flavor to your perfect wedding.

A wedding cake topper with a country and western style sits on top of a wedding cake.Antiques have this classical romantic feel that really blends well with a wedding atmosphere. It is also a great way to utilize some of those family heirlooms that don’t get to see much sunlight. Fret not if you don’t have antiques of your own. You can stock up on some affordable antiques at most antique stores. You don’t need to buy the jewel of the Nile to give your wedding that authentic vintage appearance.

3. The Western Wedding

Western décor and weddings might not seem like two items that would go together, but you would be surprised. You will need to have a taste for such things, but if you enjoy Western décor, leather, wildflowers, cowhides, and craft beers, then this may be the wedding theme for you.

You can even take your theme to the next level by planning a destination wedding in the actual West. It might be a bit hot depending on the time of the year you choose to travel, but it is a great way to add that final touch of authenticity to your Western wedding.

4. Destination Weddings At Home

Do you love the idea of a wedding in Paris, but don’t want to force all of your guests to pay for an expensive trip? It is entirely possible to recreate the sights, sounds, scents, and general atmosphere of a destination wedding without actually needing to travel. The Paris wedding is a great example of a wedding theme of this category that is trending this year.

These weddings are always memorable because the possibilities are endless. You could go with something traditional like Paris or the beach. You might also try something more unique like India or Germany. This is especially pleasant if you have some ties to the country in the theme.

5. Movie Based Themes

As more and more great movies are hitting the theaters, the number of movie-based wedding themes is starting to increase. Whether it is your favorite superhero or an adorable children’s movie, there are tons of possibilities to choose from and they are all a lot of fun.Wedding theme. Bride and groom with a bouquet of flowers. Happy couple

Keeping your guests in mind is always good, but it is more important to choose a wedding theme that really resonates with you. You may prefer the more traditional, romantic atmosphere or you may want something more fun and lighthearted. Just make sure it is something you really love and enjoy because it is a day you will remember forever.

This guest post was written by Jay McKay.  Jay is a successful business owner who enjoys spending time with his family. Check out his site, for a wide variety of both custom designed and traditional wedding rings.